We are sorry to inform everyone Overlea Rec Council will not have a Baseball Ball Program for Spring 2017. 

If there is anyone interested in running the Baseball Program for next year at Overlea please contact the Rec Council:

Rec Council - 410-887-5307

Wiffle Tee:

This league has been created to teach children (ages 3 - 5) the basic fundamentals of baseball. 
*During the season, parents are required to remain with the child at all times. 
** Wiffle Tee will be 2 days a week and dates are to be determined **


This program stresses fundamentals and reinforces the rules of the game of baseball.  Children of all levels ages 5-7 are welcomed.  The children at practice play with equipment which is age appropriate and designed to offer an enriching experience.  Special attention is paid to base running, catching, throwing and batting.  Teams are comprised of 6-9 players as the outfield is rarely ever a consideration.  Practices are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-7:15pm.  Children are given a hat, shirt and keepsake to commemorate their accomplishments.     

Little League:

This is the first year of true baseball league development.  This program stresses fundamentals and reinforces baseball.  It is the first time children pitch, teams are formed and players are pitted against players. Practices and games are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm - 8pm in April, May and June.  This is a mini travel league where players travel out of their comfort zone to communities in the nearby area. The playoffs start and end in June.  Players are given a hat, shirt, pants, socks and a keepsake to commemorate their accomplishments.  


This is a finely tuned level of baseball.  Players are expected to operate all positions of the field.  Children will be pitch from a 50 foot mound.

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